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Business Liaison


Your Swiss freight forwarder since 1955.

Cabynda represents Fracht's business and interests in Israel.

Fracht’s goal is the delivery of innovative, tailor-made logistics solutions that give our customers quantifiable added value.

We achieve this with our dedicated personnel, our long-standing experience and the latest information technology.

Fracht’s relationships with customers, subcontractors, and employees are guided by an attitude of partnership.


This is Fracht’s philosophy from the beginning of Fracht AG in Switzerland back in 1955.


When you are looking for the Swiss thoroughness & comprehensiveness:

  • ALN

Africa Logistics Network (Link)  

ALN is a Freight Forwarder Network linking Africa to the World. 

Cabynda is part of ALN and cooperates with all ALN's agents and representatives globally in order to provide second to none services in Africa through an array of agents spread all over the African continent. Cabynda provides solutions in every single African country with reliable and dedicated staff to cater for your logistics requirements.

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  • Promoting Israeli companies / business in the GCC

Cabynda has been active in the UAE and the GCC for a number of years by providing logistics / shipping / forwarding solutions. This presence has led to working relations with many local groups in the GCC which enables us to represent Israeli companies' interests in the region. Through a strong network within various industries and fields of business, we enhance regional commitment and mutual interests.

  • Sourcing

Cabynda provides sourcing services for various goods from the GCC, the UAE and the regional free zones. Considering the stronghold of the UAE in the region and the fact that it has become a regional hub for so many goods, enables us to source quality products from reliable producers / traders and with a simple and effective supply chain, thereby fully facilitating all of the buyer's requirements.

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