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Cabynda provides logistics services as well as business liaison services in accordance with our customers' requirements!

Ocean Freight .jpg
Ocean Freight:

Considering 97% of the world’s goods are being transported by sea, be it containerized, bulk or chartered operations, Cabynda's intimate acquaintance and vast experience in ocean transport possibilities, is key to your proven business success.


We cater for day to day standardized transport, as well as for challenging and complex projects, with imperative added value of the "out of the box" solutions that are expected by our clients, while still focusing on the Middle East and Africa as our core markets.


Air Freight:

Air transport is a vital component, even if only complimentary, to the logistics network and the success of our clients' commitments to their international partners, suppliers or customers.


Cabynda caters premium air freight services, from temperature and humidity-controlled cargo, through to chartered aircrafts for large scale on time delivery projects. 



Facilitating any international trading, global export/import processes, international repositioning of raw materials/products and manufacturing requires professional logistics support.


Complimentary services.jpg
Complimentary services:

Beyond the basic ocean and air freight, Cabynda caters for all other parts of your transport requirements:
From trucking, through customs clearance, warehousing, insurance, distribution, project management,
consolidation, drop shipments, inspection services and more….We are a one stop shop service provider.

Drop / cross shipments:

One of core strengths is a global network of excellent agents with whom we work closely and regularly, a fact that enables us to provide our clients with services with a true sense of ownership.

Be it air or ocean shipments, even though your geographic location is not involved, you will enjoy the close follow up and essential information for your ease of mind.

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Customs clearance:

Our customs department is responsible for executing customs release for incoming goods and preparing the required documents for exported goods.
You will enjoy a professional and knowledgeable team, with access to the required (internal and external) information systems, and the abilities to handle any requirements for validation of your goods within the legal requirements


Our clients enjoy all required non asset based trucking services, including standard transport (LCL/20/40), temperature controlled, oversized, dangerous goods, and cross border trucking solutions.

Project cargo.jpg
Project cargo:

Cabynda has been involved in large projects since the day it was founded.
Ranging from handling the logistics of mega-projects in Africa (power stations, water and energy projects) through infra structure projects in South America (specifically in Brazil and Peru), and aid / cargo in Africa and the Middle East.
We bring a well experienced and sound global project team and partners that provide end to end solutions for complex and challenging projects in the most remote geographical locations.

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